Download PictureTel 4500 User's Manual

For ideas on how to use automatic camera pointing more effectively, see ÒTips for
Using Automatic Camera PointingÓ on page 8.
For complete information on LimeLight, see the Installing and Using LimeLight
document that came with the device.
Automatic camera pointing works only with the main camera.
Displaying and Removing the PIP
The little window in the lower right corner of your screen is called the picture-inpicture (PIP) window. You can make this window appear or disappear at any
To make the PIP appear or disappear:
Press PIP.
If the PIP was on the screen, it disappears; if it wasnÕt on the screen, it appears.
Even if you turn the PIP off, it comes on automatically whenever
you move your cameras so you can see what youÕre adjusting.
Usually, the PIP shows the image youÕre currently sending to the far-end site.
However, if youÕre viewing a snapshot or previewing a camera, the PIP displays
the far-end site instead.