Download PictureTel 4500 User's Manual

Answering a Call
When you receive a call, your Concorde•4500 rings like a telephone, and you see
messages on your screen letting you know you have an incoming video call.
To answer a call:
YouÕll see messages indicating the system is answering the call.
You then see the people at the far-end site on your screen and you can begin
your meeting.
If your system administrator has set up your system to answer video calls
automatically, you donÕt have to do anything to answer a call. When a call comes
in, your system answers it and displays the people at the far-end site.
Remember that if your system is set up to automatically answer
calls, anyone can call your site at any time. If youÕre not there or
your monitor is turned off when another site calls, you wonÕt
know that someone has called you, yet theyÕll see and hear
everything going on in your room.
Hanging Up
When youÕre ready to end your video call, you can hang up at the touch of a
To hang up a call:
Press HANG UP.
If you press HANG UP when youÕre in a multipoint video call,
your site is disconnected from the call, but the rest of the
multipoint videoconference continues.