Download User Manual - SplashData

Desktop application
Edit Classes…
Opens the Edit Classes dialog, to edit the
class or create a new class.
Edit Currencies…
Opens the Edit Currencies dialog, to edit
the currency or create a new currency.
Edit Transaction Types…
Opens the Edit Transaction Typed
dialog, to edit the transaction type or
create a new transaction type.
Edit Scheduled Transactions…
Opens the Edit Scheduled Transactions
dialog, to edit the scheduled transaction
or create a new scheduled transaction.
4.3.6 User
Lists the Win Lists the Windows Mobile user names which synchronize with the
Windows Desktop. Select the required user name to ensure proper synchronization
with that particular Window Mobile user.
4.3.7 Sync
When SplashMoney is installed, there is a Standalone user automatically created.
In order to Sync SplashMoney on Desktop to SplashMoney on the device, a user needs to be
created (with the device ID as the username)
Click on Start Sync menu item (ensure that your device is connected to the Desktop)
SplashMoney on Windows Mobile