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3BDesktop Application
Troubleshooting Guide
If the SplashMoney application on Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop are not
Check the synchronization settings of the application. Open the SplashMoney application on
Windows Desktop and click on Sync menu. Then, click on the Start Sync option. The
SplashMoney Synchronization screen is displayed.
If the status is showing as Not Connected, then check for the connection status between the
handheld and the desktop. The Windows Mobile has to be connected to the desktop for the
synchronization to happen.
When the Status is showing as connected then the Sync Settings option and the Sync option
are enabled. Click on the Sync Settings option. The SplashMoney ActiveSync Settings
dialog is displayed. If the Do nothing option is selected, then synchronization will not
happen between the desktop and the handheld.
SplashMoney on Windows Mobile