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1 Introduction
The SplashMoney application is a personal finance manager and is a flagship product of SplashData.
SplashMoney is a standalone application. It functions independently without depending on any other
software application.
The application tracks accounts for expenditures and balances. You can generate reports and budgets
to analyze the banking activities. SplashMoney also supports a desktop version. The SplashMoney
application synchronizes the various banking activities between Windows Mobile and Windows
Desktop using the ActiveSync.
) The Windows Desktop version of SplashMoney is supported only on – Windows
2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
1.1 Overview of SplashMoney on Windows Mobile
SplashMoney application is used on Windows Mobile 6.0 (and 5.0) powered handhelds and Windows
Desktop. The desktop software enables easy viewing, editing and synchronizing of the SplashMoney
data with the handheld.
The SplashMoney application helps in the following ways:
Minimizes the effort to manage accounts and its transactions.
Helps to track accounts’ balances.
Creates custom accounts and tracks individual account transactions.
Records savings and cash transactions.
Reconciles bank statements.
Records schedules for transactions and generates reminders.
Downloads accounts data from online banks.
SplashMoney on Windows Mobile