Download User Manual - SplashData

3BDesktop Application
Accounts register view
All the transactions for an account are
listed in the accounts register view.
Select and hold on the account name
to open the list of transactions.
Beginning balance
The current balance in the bank is
manually entered as the beginning
amount in SplashMoney, when
creating an account.
The list of all planned expenses and
revenues based on the Payee,
Category or Class.
Built-in transaction
The transactions that are built with
the software. These transactions
cannot be edited or deleted.
The common file format that is read
by a spreadsheet, database or word
processor. It stands for Comma
Separated Values.
Currency conversion rate
Rate at which one currency is
converted into another. It is also
called the rate of exchange or foreign
This rate is secured through major
international banks.
Custom transaction
The transactions that are created in
SplashMoney and which are not
built-in. These transactions can be
edited and deleted.
Ending balance
The balance of all transactions
entered in an account register
including postdated transactions.
SplashMoney on Windows Mobile
The additional information for a
transaction that is short, focuses on a
single topic, reports information,
makes a request, or recommends