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GEM2xxx Operation Manual
selection via the ‗‘ and ‗‘ cursor keys, the ‗next‘ ID is automatically highlighted, to confirm the selection
press the ‗‘ key. The screen may be toggled to display any relevant ID information such as a
description of the well location, work to be carried out, etc.
2. A reminder is displayed to disconnect sample tubes, as a clean air purge will automatically remove the
previous sample from the instrument. Purge time may be set via LSGAM (default is 30 seconds). Once
the ‗‘ key is pressed, purge will begin and the Read Gas Levels screen will be displayed upon
completion. The purge may be aborted by pressing the ‗EXIT‘ key.
3. On GEM2NAV models a Warning screen may appear before going to the GPS Tracking screen
? = No Coordinates on Stored ID
 = Coordinates are Stored on the ID
If coordinates were stored with the ID in LSGAM, then an diamond symbol (‗’) will appear before
the ID. In front of the ID, a compass with an arrow will appear indicating the direction of the ID that
you have selected.  GPS Settings will allow you to change the GPS Units of measure indicator
and scaling values.
Once you have navigated to the well device you can press  Exit Tracking to proceed to the gas
reading screen.
4. Connect the sample tubes (with water trap filter) to the wellhead ensuring the gas sample tube and
impact pressure tubes are properly oriented. Insert the temperature probe if used. Note; a flashing bell
will be displayed next to the appropriate gas and a beeping tone will be heard, if a preset alarm
condition has been exceeded.
5. Press the ‗‘ key to start the sample pump; a countdown timer will be displayed in the upper left area of
the display. The pump may be stopped and restarted and any time by pressing the ‗‘ key. The pump
run time is set in LSGAM software. Allow the gas readings to stabilize and press ‗Measure Flow‘ key,
this will store the gas level readings.
6. If a temperature probe is plugged in the temperature will automatically be recorded, otherwise a screen
will appear prompting you to enter the gas temperature. Enter in the gas temperature manually if
necessary and press the ‗ When Complete‘ key.
7. If the flow device is set to user input then a screen prompting input of the flow will be displayed. Enter in
the flow and then press the ‗ When Complete‘ key.
8. The ‗PRESSURE READINGS‘ screen will now appear and prompt the user to disconnect the sample
tubes and allow the pressure to stabilize. Once the pressure has stabilized press ‗ Zero
Transducers‘. Press ‗‘ to continue. Note: if ACCU-FLO wellheads are used this zero function may
be performed prior to connecting the sample tubes to the well head by selecting ‘ MENU‟ and
highlighting „ZERO TRANSDUCERS’. This eliminates the need to disconnect and re-connect the
sample tubes on the same wellhead.
9. If a temperature probe is not connected, the user is prompted to manually input the gas temperature,
press the ‘’ key when entry is finished.
10. The gas flow and energy screen is now displayed showing all the gas level readings taken in the gas
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REV C2 (English) LANDTEC Release Date: November 30th, 2010