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GEM2xxx Operation Manual
Factory Service Facilities
LANDTEC North America
850 S. Via Lata, Suite 112
Colton, CA 92324
Sales Tel: +1 (800) 821-0496 or +1 (909) 783-3636
Service Tel: 1 (909) 783-3636 x6141
Formerly Geotechnical Instruments
Sovereign House Queensway
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 3JR,
Tel: +44(0)1926 338111
LANDTEC South America
LANDTEC Produtos e Servicos Ambientais Ltda.
Rua Pedroso de Carmargo, 237 - Chácara
Santo Antonio - SP/SP CEP 0417-010
Phone: +55(11) 5181-6591
User Maintenance
This instrument is designed to be low maintenance and rugged. However, field calibrations are
recommended prior to use or when the ambient operating temperature of the instrument changes more than
+/- 20 degrees Fahrenheit. See section 2.18 for further information on field calibrations. Additionally, it may
be necessary to change the user accessible filters and o-rings from time to time.
There are two user accessible filters, the particulate filter is located in the back of the instrument, see
section 1.1 for location, and the water trap filter which is part of the included hose kit. There are four user
changeable o-rings, one on the particulate filter cover, one on the outside of the water trap filter housing,
one on the inside of the water trap filter housing, and one on the ends of each male quick connect fitting
included on the hose kits.
Note: The o-rings on the male quick connect fittings should be routinely checked as dust and dirt from the
various wells they connect to can be abrasive. A damaged or leaky o-ring may allow air intrusion into your
gas sample. This intrusion of air may not be noticed when calibrating the instrument because the
calibration does not occur under vacuum.
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REV C2 (English) LANDTEC Release Date: November 30th, 2010