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Web Configuration
HT-342 User Manual
PPPoE – This selection is intended for broadband connection (ADSL / Cable modem) that
requires dial up / authentication using PPPoE protocol. Both User Name and Password
are required. Please consult your service provider for more information if needed. One
advantage with the PPPoE dial up is that the IP address obtained for the LAN port is
normally a public IP.
More advanced parameters for 802.1q VLAN and MAC settings are available. Please consult
your network administrator for assistance if needed.
PC PORT – The PC port is intended to provide an Ethernet connection to other network devices
(for example: PC, network HUB.). Two modes of operation are available:
Bridge mode - This mode allows the network traffics at the PC port to be bypassed to LAN
port. This means that the network device share the same network segment as the LAN
port. There is no IP address assigned to the PC port.
Fixed IP - This mode sets the PC port IP Addresss (private IP) and Subnet Mask
manually. This creates a new network segment for the network devices connected to the
PC Port.
To simplify network IP assignments, enable the DHCP Server for the PC Port. This
allows network devices connected Port to obtain network IP and related information from
the PC Port. Please consult your network administrator for proper settings of the DHCP
Release 1.0