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Web Configuration
HT-342 User Manual
Number entered = “13001234567”, actual number dialed = “13001234567”.
Please note that the above samples are simple and intended to show the meaning of various
rules. They may not have any practical meaning. A combination of these rules (joined with
the symbol “|”) can be realized for a much more complicated dialing application.
Gain Settings…
The gain setting must be cautious to using. It was a hidden web page. If you want adjust the VoIP
Lines’s volume. Please rewrite the URL address to
and enter. The web browser will show up a GAIN SETTINGS screen.
You can adjust the volume of the two PSTN Lines to different values. The range you can adjust is
from 5 to -5.
Note: A too low or too high input gain will make DTMF detector insensitive.
Release 1.0