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HT-342 User Manual
Relay Proxy mode is a proprietary NAT protocol and it requires the use of our Relay Proxy
Server. All VoIP signaling packets are encapsulated (encrypted for more secured
transmission if enabled) and transmitted via another port/channel. Up to 4 backup Relay
Servers are supported. Once the designated Relay Server fails, the next available Relay
Server on the back up list will be used. Once the designated Relay Server resumes
operation, it will be used instead of the back up Relay Server.
For Service providers, RELAY Proxy software is available at no charge.
supplier for support.
Please contact your
For end user, please contact your service provider to see if this feature is available. SIP Phone
The SIP Phone selection for Endpoint Type refers to the SIP protocol used.
Config Mode – The device supports two modes: Single Server Mode and Config by Line..
Single Server mode - only one SIP registration is used for both FXO lines. The HT-342
performs line hunting automatically when a call is made to the PSTN lines.
Release 1.0