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Web Configuration
HT-342 User Manual
3.4.3 Reset Configuration
This function can only be accessed in administrator login level. Click on the Reset
Configuration tab to initiate the reset process. A message windows pops up to ask for
confirmation. Click “Yes” to reset all configurations back factory defaults. Click “No” to cancel.
Once the reset process is completed, the device reboots itself.
Please also see section 3.1.1 for a star command reset option.
3.4.4 Reboot
Click on the Reboot tab to reboot the device.
Dial Plan
Dial Plan defines how the DEVICE processes a number when it is dialed. This field is located
in the Calling Setting Window and it is available for both H.323 and SIP modes. The Dial Plan
is very flexible and can be configured for a wide range of dialing applications.
Release 1.0