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Appendix IV
I/O Zone 583 Controller Battery Checkout
The battery on the unit control module retains the controller’s memory in the event of
power failure. The 10-year Lithium CR2032 battery provides a minimum of 10,000 hours
of data retention during power outages. Remember to check the battery periodically (once
a month or so) to verify that its voltage is approximately 3 VDC.
If the voltage is not approximately 3 VDC, replace the battery so that the controller’s
program is not lost during a power outage. Loss of the program will require the controller
to be shipped back to the factory for reprogramming because the unit will not function
without the program.
Make sure the controller is powered any time the battery is removed or the
controller’s memory may be lost.
Figure 5 shows the location of the battery on the controller.
Figure 5