Download AireLogic Digital Control System User Manual

A glossary has been provided to assist the reader in understanding distinctive terms and
phrases. These terms and phrases appear in italics.
LJ Wing’s Digital Control System, AireLogic, is designed to give the user the ultimate in
unit performance and operational flexibility, adaptability, and reliability in a user-friendly
package. The AireLogic DDC system is a standard component on LJ Wing heating and
cooling units. Because the AireLogic system encompasses a wide variety of unit
types, not all of the system’s capabilities and functions are relevant to all units.
Where a function is similar but different between recirculating and non-recirculating
units or direct fired or indirect fired units, the function is explained separately.
AireLogic accepts single or multiple units on the system network. Each unit can be
provided with a BACview. The BACview connects to the unit control module via the
Local Access Port (see Figure 1 for the location of the Local Access Port). The operating
parameters for individual units may be input through the BACview. A PC may also be
connected to the network. This allows the user to configure each unit separately, or all
units can be configured simultaneously. A controls contractor can provide assistance in
Figure 1
The BACview ships with a cable. One end of the cable consists of a pre-wired black
screw terminal connector while the other end consists of a 5-pin red-tipped plug.
For MRT and MRT-Expert systems, plug the pre-wired black screw terminal connector
into the back of the BACview and plug the 5-pin red-tipped plug into the bottom of the
room sensor. Because the room sensor is hard-wired to the controller via the Rnet port on
the left-hand side of the controller and the BACview is connected to the room sensor via
the plug connection on the bottom of the room sensor, this creates a communications link
between the BACview and the controller without having to directly wire the BACview to
the controller.