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Caring for the environment
Disposal of the packing mate‐
Disposing of your old appli‐
The packaging is designed to protect
the appliance from damage during
transportation. The packaging materials
used are selected from materials which
are environmentally friendly for disposal
and should be recycled.
Electrical and electronic appliances of‐
ten contain valuable materials. They al‐
so contain materials which, if handled
or disposed of incorrectly, could be po‐
tentially hazardous to human health and
to the environment. They are, however,
essential for the correct functioning of
your appliance. Please do not therefore
dispose of it with your household
Recycling the packaging reduces the
use of raw materials in the manufactur‐
ing process and also reduces the
amount of waste in landfill sites.
Please dispose of it at your local com‐
munity waste collection / recycling cen‐
tre or contact your Dealer for advice.
Ensure that it presents no danger to
children while being stored for disposal.