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Problem solving guide
Cause and remedy
The food in the pan
does not heat up when
the Auto heat-up func‐
tion is switched on.
A large amount of food is being heated up.
 Start cooking at the highest power level and then
turn down to a lower one manually later on.
The pan is not conducting heat properly.
 Use a different pot or pan which conducts heat
An operating noise can The fan will continue running until the appliance has
be heard after the appli‐ cooled down. It will then switch itself off automatical‐
ance has been switched ly.
One or more residual
heat indicators are
The sensor switches
show increased sensi‐
tivity or fail to react.
There was an interruption to the power supply during
operation or when residual heat was present.
You accessed the programming function while residu‐
al heat was still present.
The sensitivity level of the sensor switches has
 Make sure that there is no direct light (from the
sun or from an artificial source) falling onto the
hob. The area surrounding the hob must not be
too dark.
 Make sure that there is nothing covering the sen‐
sors or the hob.
Take any pans off the hob and wipe away any
food deposits.
 Interrupt the power supply to the hob for approx. 1
 If the problem persists after power has been re‐
stored, please contact Miele.