Download Miele KM 6388

[email protected] / [email protected]
Your hob is communication enabled
and can
– be integrated into the [email protected]
system using an optional communi‐
cation module or
– communicate with your Miele cooker
hood via the stick supplied with your
cooker hood ([email protected]).
[email protected] system
Communication-enabled appliances
send operating status information to a
master appliance (SuperVision appli‐
ance, Notebook, tablet etc.). The sys‐
tem also enables integration into a
household bus system (Miele Gateway
or QIVICON Smart Home Platform).
[email protected]
The hob sends information on its oper‐
ating status to the cooker hood. Opera‐
tion of the cooker hood occurs auto‐
matically in conjunction with the hob.
Further information regarding
[email protected] and [email protected] is availa‐
ble on the internet and in the instruction
manuals of the various components.