Download Miele KM 6388

 Fire hazard.
Do not leave the hob unattended
whilst it is being used.
Please note that the heating up time
on induction hobs is very much
shorter than on conventional hobs.
Switching on
 Touch the  sensor.
All of the sensors will light up. If no fur‐
ther entry is made, the hob will switch
itself off after a few seconds for safety
Selecting/changing the power
A cooking zone is not active if the 
sensor is the only one lit up in the con‐
trol panel.
 To switch a cooking zone on, touch
the  sensor for that cooking zone.
All sensors will light up.
 Touch the appropriate number sensor
for the power level you want.
Switching off
 To switch a cooking zone off, touch
the  sensor for that cooking zone.
 To switch off the hob and all the
cooking zones, touch the  sensor.
Residual heat indicator
If a cooking zone is hot, the residual
heat indicator and the  sensor will light
up on the control scale after switching
the zone off.
The bars in the residual heat indicator
will go out one after another as the
cooking zones cool down. The last bar
and the  sensor will go out at the
same time.
The residual heat indicators will flash if
there is a power cut during use or
while residual heat is still present or if
you have opened the programming
function while residual heat is still
 Danger of burning. Do not touch
the cooking zones whilst the residual
heat indicators are lit up.