Download About Your SmartGlobe™ Star Theme Globe

Dear customer,
Thank you for purchasing the SmartGlobe™ Star Theme Globe by Oregon Scientific.
This Theme Globe has been specially designed to enhance the learning content of our
SmartGlobe™ Infinity*. We hope that this product will help you and your family to learn
more about the many stars in our night sky. With the constellation mode and star activities,
it further extends the world exploration beyond the atmosphere. As a truly international
company, all of us at Oregon Scientific take a personal interest in designing products
that help both children and adults understand more about our universe.
It is our goal that you will learn something new and inspiring that might
change your perspective of the world. As such, we hope that every
day will bring a new adventure to your world using
SmartGlobe™ Star Theme Globe.
*Smart Pen and base included with SmartGlobe™ Infinity (sold separately)
Item No.: ST328
About Your SmartGlobe™ Star Theme Globe
How to install the Theme Globe
Your SmartGlobe™ Star Theme Globe is supplied with the following parts; please contact
Oregon Scientific if any parts are missing.
Step 1
Remove the Globe from the base of your
SmartGlobe™ Infinity using the provided
tool (stand included in the box).
Star Theme Globe
Step 2
Install the Star Globe on the base of your
SmartGlobe™ Infinity.
User manual
Step 3
Activity panel
Install the Star Globe activity panel by
sliding the tabs on the activity panel into
the holes located on the base of the
SmartGlobe™ Infinity.
Theme Globe Stand
How to play?
How to play?
Here, you will find some tips on how to use the globe to view the constellations in our sky.
Your SmartGlobe™ Infinity can be used in two different sound modes:
Get to know everything about all the 88 constellations.
With the built-in speaker of the SmartPen.
Built-in speaker
Brightest Star
With headphones connected to the SmartPen.
Look for the brightest star of each constellation.
Volume Control
Press - and + to adjust the volume.
NOTE: Purchasing multiple SmartPens allows multiple users to learn with one SmartGlobe™
Infinity at one time; we recommend using headphones in this case.
Learn the size of each constellation and some cosmic objects in their area.
Find out when a constellation is best to be seen in the sky.
Origins & Mythology
Oregon Scientific, Inc.
10778 SW Manhasset Drive,
Tualatin, OR 97062, USA
Hotline : 1-800-853-8883
Learn the stories and myths behind each constellation.
Star Gazing
Discover which constellation is best-viewed in the sky depending on the time of the year
and your location.
Search and find the 88 constellations in our sky.
300103719-00001-10 Rev1.0
Printing color: 1C (black)
MAterial: 80g woodfree paper
Size: L280W300 (+/- 1 mm)
Folding: 1+2Z Fold
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