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User’s Manual
2.4 Power on and check picture
1. If channels have already been stored in the unit beforehand, the programs broadcasted will
be played automatically after the set top box unit and television is switched on. The televised station number will be shown on the front panel display of the set top box.
2. If the set top box does not contain channels stored in the unit, the system will automatically
search channels after initialization. Please refer to 7.2 Search Type for more details.
2.5 Active Standby & Passive Standby
The unit supports two standby modes:
 ACTIVE Standby
 PASSIVE Standby
To turn the unit off, press POWER key on the remote control or on the front panel of the set top box,
there will be a pop up window with 2 selections.
Options will be available to select Active Standby or
Passive Standby, then press OK key to confirm a
selection. If no selection has been made, then the
highlighted option will take effect, and the unit will
turn off after 10 seconds.
In Active Standby Mode:
Antenna LOOP OUT connector on the rear panel will still output antenna signal.
The current time will be showed on the front panel display, as show below.
In Passive Standby Mode:
1. The unit will cut all power and reduce consumption to minimum.
2. Antenna LOOP OUT connector will not output antenna signal.
3. The current time will not be showed on the front panel display.
3. Basic Operation
This section describes operations such as, channel switch, volume control and other basic
features when playing programs.
3.1 Channel Switch
You can switch channels using the following methods:
keys to switch channel.
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