Download AT7-B User`s Manual

Chapter 2
Welcome and thank you for choosing a TOSHIBA product.
About the guide
For your convenience, your TOSHIBA product is furnished with two guides:
a Quick Start Guide, and
this comprehensive PDF User’s Manual
We recommend making a backup of this User's Manual in case of future
Please backup your personal data saved in the internal storage before
updating the platform.
Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort
All important information on the safe and proper use of this tablet is
described in the enclosed Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort. Be
sure to read it before using the tablet.
Safety icons
Safety icons are used in this manual to bring important information to your
attention. Each type of icon and its implication are identified as shown
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, which could result in death or
serious injury, if you do not follow instructions.
Pay attention! A caution informs you that improper use of equipment or
failure to follow instructions may cause data loss or damage your
Please read. A note is a hint or advice that helps you make best use of
your equipment.
User's Manual