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The Back, Home and Recent apps icons may fade away or shrink into
dots after a short period of time without operation, depending on which
apps you are using.
To bring them back, tap their locations.
Swipe left or right to see more Home screen panels.
Use panels to organize your widgets and app shortcuts. See
Customizing the Home screen section for the details.
Opening and switching applications
The All Apps main screen holds icons for all the apps and widgets on your
Tap WIDGETS tab to view widgets that you have downloaded and
installed. Widgets show you the latest updates of apps.
To manage all your apps and widgets, tap Settings -> Apps under
Opening an application
You may open an application by:
Tapping its icon on the Home screen.
Tapping its icon from the All Apps main screen.
Switch to a recently used application
You may switch to recently used application by:
Tap Recent apps (
switch to.
) and select an application that you want to
To remove an application, swipe the thumbnail sideways.
Monitoring your tablet’s status
The left and right side of the System bar displays icons indicating that
you’ve received notifications, the current time, and icons indicating the
tablet’s status.
Status icons
The icons in the right of the system bar indicate the status of your tablet,
such as current time.
Notification icons
The icons in the left of the system bar indicate different types of
notifications. In addition to system notification icons, applications you
installed on your tablet may use their own notification icons.
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