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Adjusting sound volume and other general notification settings is described
in Sound section in "Settings" chapter.
Applications that produce notifications, such as Email, have their own
settings, which you can use to configure whether and how they send
notifications. See the sections describing those applications for details.
Opening the notifications panel
Press & hold the notification icons area till a flashing line appears, and then
swipe down the flashing line to open notifications panel that lists the current
notifications. Notifications of ongoing activities are listed first, followed by
notifications of events, such as a new mail notification.
You can also open the notifications panel in the lock screen if Screen lock
is set to Slide.
Responding to a notification
To respond to a notification, follow the below steps:
Open the notifications panel.
Your current notifications are listed in the panel, each with a brief
Tap a notification to respond to it.
The notifications panel closes. What happens next depends on the
Dismissing a notification
You can dismiss a notification by sliding it sideways. However, some
notifications can not be dismissed.
Closing the notifications panel
Tap the area out of the notifications panel to close the notifications panel.
Locking your screen
You can lock your screen so that only you can unlock it to access your
data, run applications and so on. See Security section for other ways to
protect your tablet and privacy.
Locking your screen with a Pattern lock
For example, you can use a Pattern lock to lock your screen with following
User's Manual
Open the security settings by tapping All Apps -> Settings ->
Tap Screen lock -> Pattern.