Download AT7-B User`s Manual

Open Calculator by tapping All Apps -> Calculator.
Enter numbers and arithmetical operators on the basic screen.
Press & hold the Calculator’s display to select Copy or Cut the
Tap Clear icon (
) to delete the last number or operator you
entered. Press & hold this icon to delete everything in the display.
Tap CLR to clear the display after calculation.
You can use Calendar to remind on dates, events or appointments.
Add events to Calendar
You can add events to Calendar by following these steps:
Tap any blank period on your calendar or the New Events icon (
on the top right corner of Calendar screen.
Enter Event name and set details for this date.
You can add guests by entering their email addresses.
Tap Done to save.
In addition to displaying the date and time, you can use Clock to set an
alarm, timer and stopwatch.
To open Clock, tap All Apps -> Clock.
Working with clock
You can change Clock settings as follows:
Tap the icon (
) to display a list of cities with different time zones.
Check to show the Clock of a city on the Clock screen. You can select
more than one city.
Tap the icon ( ) to find more settings for Clock:
Night mode: Select to view local time with very dim display.
Settings: The following options are displayed:
Style: Tap to open a dialog where you can choose the style of
the Clock as Analog or Digital.
Automatic home clock: Check to add a Clock for home when
travelling in an area with different time zone.
Home time zone: Tap to open a list of time zones. Check to
select a time zone for your home.
Setting an alarm
User's Manual
Tap the icon (
) on the left bottom of the screen.