Download AT7-B User`s Manual

Tap an existing alarm clock to change its time and other settings.
Or tap the icon (
) to add a new one.
Tap the icon ( ) to find more settings for alarms:
Silence after: Select the time when you want your alarm to stop
Snooze length: Select how long your alarm will snooze after you
turned it off.
Alarm volume: Tap to open a dialog where you can drag a slider to
adjust the volume.
Volume buttons: Tap to open a dialog where you can choose if you
want your Volume buttons to Snooze, Dismiss, or Do nothing.
Setting a timer
Tap the timer icon (
Enter the period of time you want.
) to delete the last number you entered. Press &
Tap Clear icon (
hold this icon to delete everything in the display.
Tap Start to start.
After starting a timer, you can work with it as follows:
Enter a name: Tap (
Pause a timer: Tap STOP.
Tap (
) to add one minute to the current time. One minute can
be added with each tap. You can tap several times to add more
Delete a timer: Tap ( ).
Repeat a timer: Tap (
Tap (
) to add more timers.
The timer beeps when the time is up. It will keep beeping until you tap
Using the stopwatch
Tap the icon (
) to open the stopwatch.
Tap START to start time counting. You can add more laps when the
stopwatch is running by tapping the icon (
Tap STOP to stop. Then you can either tap START to continue or tap
the icon (
) to open a new stopwatch.
Tap (
) to share the results via Bluetooth, email, and more.
You can use the Downloads application to view and manage downloaded
To open the Downloads, tap All apps -> Downloads.
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