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Chapter 5
This chapter describes the usage of applications & widgets.
Your tablet has some Google Mobile services™ installed and the
availability of the applications may vary depending on your country or
region. Some applications will be automatically hidden after the first power
Analog clock
Analog clock is a widget to display a clock on the Home screen based on
the system time so that you can watch time directly.
You can also use it to set an alarm clock, timer and stopwatch. For details,
please refer to the Clock section.
Browser is used to view webpages and to search for information on the
To open the Browser, tap All Apps -> Browser.
Browser can also open when you tap a web link, for example, in an email
or text message.
When you open Browser, the last webpage you viewed is displayed. If you
have not used Browser recently, your home page will open.
Go to a webpage
Tap the URL box on the top of the Browser screen. If the URL box
isn’t visible, drag the page down until the URL box comes into view.
Enter the address (URL) of the webpage by using the onscreen
Select a suggestion or enter an address and tap Go with the onscreen
The Browser may not display some webpages correctly if the web
page has a complicated layout. This is dependent on the web page.
The Browser does not support file uploading function for specific
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