Download Sharp Notevision XG-MB67X Setup guide

Turning the Projector On/Off
Turning the Projector on
Note that the connections to external equipment and power outlet should be done before performing the operations written below. (See pages 23 to 27.)
Remove the lens cap and press
S STANDBY/ON on the projector or
fON on the remote control.
• English is the factory default language. If you
want to change the on-screen display to another language, change the language according to the procedure on page 45.
Lamp indicator
• When System Lock is set, the keycode input box
appears. To cancel the keycode setting, input the
keycode that you have already set. See page 47
for details.
• About the Lamp Indicator
The lamp indicator illuminates to indicate the
status of the lamp.
Green: The lamp is on.
Blinking in green:The lamp is warming up
or shutting down.
Red:The lamp is shut down abnormally
or the lamp should be replaced.
• When switching on the projector, a slight flickering of the image may be experienced within
the first minute after the lamp has been illuminated. This is normal operation as the lamp’s
control circuitry is stabilising the lamp output
characteristics. It should not be regarded as
faulty operation.
• If the projector is put into standby mode and
immediately turned on again, the lamp may
take some time to start projection.
ON button
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