Download Siemens SL42 User guide

U35 /SL45i- English, A31008-H4860-A1-3-7619
Voice message / mailbox
Most Service Providers offer you an
external answering service. In this
mailbox, a caller may leave a voice
message for you
• if your phone is switched off or
not ready to retrieve,
• if you do not want to answer,
• if you are making a phone call (and
if Call waiting is not active, see
p. 16).
If the voice mail service is not part of
your Service Provider's user
package you will need to register
and the settings must be made
manually. The procedure described
below may vary slightly depending
on the Service Provider.
Your Service Provider supplies you
with two phone numbers:
Mailbox phone number
You call this number to listen to the
voice mails left for you. To set it up:
Menu ! Messages !
Voice message
Select a number in the Addressbook
or dial/change it and confirm with
OK .
Forwarding number
Calls are diverted to this phone
number. To set it up:
Menu ! Divert ! e.g.
Unanswered ! Set
Dial the number to which the caller
is to be diverted.
Registration at the
network. Confirmation is
made after a few seconds.
For further information on call
diversion see p. 60.
Listen to
A new voice mail can be displayed
as follows:
h Icon, including beep.
A text message
announces a new voice
or you receive a call with an
automatic announcement.
Call your mailbox and play the
messages back:
Press the soft key
underneath the icon
Press (if necessary dial the
mailbox number).
Mailbox Press.
Outside your home network, a different
mailbox number may need to be dialled.
If a password is required to access your
mailbox you can store it in the Addressbook
along with the phone number (see p. 19).