Download Siemens SL42 User guide

U35 /SL45i- English, A31008-H4860-A1-3-7619
You can set the conditions for which
calls are diverted to your mailbox or
other numbers.
Menu ! Divert
Set divert
Example: The most common
condition for forwarding is:
This and other conditions (see box)
are set in the same way:
Menu ! Divert !
Unanswered ! Set
Enter the phone number to which
a call will be diverted (if not done
already), and confirm with OK .
Displays the Addressbook
or mailbox, to select the
number to which a call will
be diverted.
After a short pause the setting is
confirmed by the network.
This setting covers the most important
conditions: (see also below)
If not reachable
If no reply
If busy
All calls
All calls are diverted.
Symbol in top line of the
display in standby mode.
Specific divert
If not reachable
Divert if the phone is switched off or
out of range.
If no reply
A call is only diverted after a delay.
The period can be set by the user to
a maximum of 30 seconds in 5
second intervals.
If busy
Divert if a call is in progress.
If “Call waiting“ is activated (see
p. 70) you will hear the call waiting
tone (see p. 16) even if the “If busy“
diversion has been set.
Receiving fax
Fax calls are diverted to a phone
number with a fax connection.
Receiving data
Data calls are diverted to a phone
number with a PC connection.