Download Siemens SL42 User guide

U35 /SL45i- English, A31008-H4860-A1-3-7619
If you have any questions relating to the use of your device, we are available around the clock
to help you at In addition, we have listed the most frequently
asked questions and their answers below.
Possible causes
Phone cannot be On/Off key not pressed for long
switched on.
Flat battery
Press On/Off key for at least two seconds.
Charge battery. Check charging indicator in the display.
Battery contacts dirty
Clean contacts.
Battery in total discharge
(charge icon no longer
Charge battery.
It may take up to two hours for the charge icon to appear.
Standby time too Frequent use of the organiser
and games.
Restrict use if necessary.
Speed search active.
Deactivate speed search (see p. 63).
Display illumination on.
Switch off display illumination (see p. 63).
Unintentional keystrokes
(and illumination).
Activate key lock.
Charging fault Battery totally discharged.
(charge icon not Temperature out of range:
displayed or
+5 °C to +40 °C
Contact problem
No mains voltage
SIM error
Possible remedy
Charge battery.
Make sure the ambient temperature is right, wait a
while, then recharge.
Check power supply and connection to the phone.
Check battery contacts, clean them if necessary, then
insert battery again.
Plug in to a different socket or check voltage.
Charger defective
If the charger does not warm up, replace it.
Wrong charger
Only use original Siemens SL45i accessories.
Battery faulty
Replace battery.
SIM card not correctly inserted
Make sure that the SIM card is correctly inserted. The
card carrier must be engaged (see p. 7).
SIM card contacts dirty
Clean the SIM card with a dry cloth.
SIM card with wrong voltage
Use 3 V SIM cards only.
SIM card damaged
Inspect the damage.
Return SIM card to Service Provider.