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Note: Depending on the type of search template, some search fields may not be
available. For All Sessions search templates, you may add search fields only if they
are applicable to both active and completed search templates.
Note: Fields that have been encrypted using privacy rules in the IBM Tealeaf CX
Passive Capture Application or Windows pipelines cannot be decrypted in the
v These encrypted fields can be decrypted only during replay.
v As an alternative, you can leave the configured fields in unencrypted state in the
session data and then define privacy rules specifically to be applied during
session replay, permitting the display of the unencrypted data in the Portal, as
For completed sessions, you can search for text strings contained in requests,
responses, and other derived data. The text strings can include different search
patterns to further restrict the search.
Note: Free text searches can be expensive to complete. These search fields should
be included only where other indexed search field options are not available.
Text String Type
All Text
When searching completed sessions, you can search for a text string in any
part of the session data, including the request, the response, and any
derived data such as events or custom user-defined fields. This data is
indexed using the dtSearch software program, so any of the search options
provided by dtSearch are available. The following patterns are supported:
v * Wild character. For example, C* matches both CC and CAT.
v { } Matches any character contained within the bracket.
v ^ Represents the beginning of the line. For example, ^T searches for any
line starting with a T.
v $ Represents the end of the line. For example, error$ returns any line
ending with error.
v \ indicates to emphasize the subsequent character in the search.
Text in Request
You can search for a text string in the request portion of a hit in completed
sessions. The above patterns are supported.
Text in Response
You can search for a text string in the response portion of a hit in
completed sessions. The above patterns are supported.
During processing of sessions, Tealeaf events are triggered based on visitor session
data. The data derived from events is stored with the actual hit and session
information and may be searched like captured data.
v With IBM Tealeaf cxResults, these events are also stored in the Visitor database
where they can be searched for dates beyond the life of the replayable sessions.
Chapter 6. Configuring Session Attribute Search