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further limit the number of sessions displayed; the number of displayed search
results never exceeds this number of database searches.
v Maximum Matches - In the specified session list template, you can configure the
maximum number of sessions that can possibly be displayed in the template.
– Regardless of the values of other settings, the Maximum Matches setting defines
the limit to be displayed in a session list.
– For performance reasons, this value cannot exceed 10000.
v Session Segment Max Sessions Limit - In the Portal Management page, you can
specify the maximum number of sessions that any newly generated segment can
v Live Max Results Limit or Completed Max Results Limit - In the Portal
Management page, these settings determine the number of sessions that can be
displayed for any active or complete session search, regardless of the template
v Auto Stop Limit - This setting defines the number of sessions that Search Server
inspects per Canister before returning results. From an individual Canister,
Search Server does not inspect more sessions for matches than the number
configured for this setting. By default, this value is set to 10000.
The maximum number of sessions displayed in a search result is the minimum of
the applicable settings. The Live or Completed limit is applicable depending on the
type of search and only in cases where the search generates a new result set.
v Results can be returned into existing result sets, where the maximum limits for
the existing result are applied, instead of the current Portal settings.
Limits for searches executed from IBM Tealeaf CX RealiTea Viewer can be
configured in the RTV Search setup dialog.
Copying a Session List Template
To copy a template, select it from the list of templates and click the Copy button
beneath the list.
The Duplicate Columns option controls whether or not copies are also made of the
columns associated with the template. Because columns and templates are
independent, multiple templates can use the same column.
v If the Duplicate Columns option is selected, new copies of the columns are
created along with the new template. Otherwise, the new template uses the
same columns as the original.
Assigning a Session List Template
To assign a session list template to one or more search templates, select one or
more search templates and click the Assignments button beneath the list of
templates. The selected search templates are updated to use the current session list
template by default.
Selecting a Session List Template
In the Search page, you can select a session list template to use.
If IBM Tealeaf cxResults is licensed, you can select session list templates in the
Visitor Search page.
For completed session searches, you can choose to display them in a different
session list template.
Chapter 6. Configuring Session Attribute Search