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v For event and event value fields, you may select the default event for
the field.
When the Pulldown and Radio Button Input Types are selected, the Values
property is enabled and contains a list of the displayed values from which
the user can choose.
v To add a value, click Add.
v To edit a value, click Edit.
v To remove a value, click Remove. You can reorder values by using the
Up and Down buttons.
Label - The visible text for this option.
Value - The actual value for the option that is used to generate the
search query.
Events - Displays the Event Selector to populate the Label and Value
with an event.
Selecting keywords:
The available items correspond to search keywords used when building the actual
query. For example Event corresponds to tltstsuniqueid in Completed Search
Some keywords are not compatible with the current template type. When you
select an incompatible keyword, the Keyword: marker indicates that there is an
issue. Mouse over the Question Mark (?) icon to review the issue, as indicated
Figure 8. Issue with Keyword
If you have an incompatible keyword, you cannot save the search field until the
issue is corrected.
Selecting the following keywords populates special items in the Input Type list:
Input Type item
Event selector
Form Field
Form Field Input (two text inputs, form field and value)
AppData Input (same as form field input)
cxReveal Administration Manual