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Figure 6. Configuring Event Value Search Field
Default Event
Click the link to select the event to use as the default event for this search
Default Value
Enter the default value with which to populate the search term. No data
validation of the default value is performed.
Event values may be specified using different kinds of input types.
Values for events are stored in a data entity called a fact in the request buffer.
Session Info:
As Tealeaf builds and processes sessions, it derives data from the captured
information that is applicable to the entire session.
Page Info:
As Tealeaf creates and processes hits, it derives data from the captured information
that applies to the entire hit or page.
v For this grouping, the list of searchable fields for active sessions is completely
different from completed sessions.
v The active page fields are aggregated into reports contained within dashboards.
cxReveal Fields:
Tealeaf enables IBM Tealeaf cxReveal users to search for sessions by session
attribute. These session attributes are stored in a separate high-performance
database, where they are accessible for search as soon as they are identified in the
session data.
Chapter 6. Configuring Session Attribute Search