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Issue 1.3
LUCIFER User Manual
AGw Patrol Field
AGw r-theta stage
theta limits.
The AGw patrol field.
60” vignetting
At PA=0
AGw r-theta stage radial limit.
The center of rotation is
612.5 mm above the
Gregorian rotator center.
LUCIFER 4ʼ Field of View
Gregorian Focal Plane
11ʼ diameter
Figure 10: Plot of the AGw guide probe patrol field (green) is shown, relative to the 4’x4’ LUCIFER
field of view (gray square) and the delivered focal plane at the left-front bent Gregorian focal station
(outer 11 arcmin diameter circle). The AGw patrol field co-rotates with LUCIFER, so it is always
’above’ in detector space but would, for example, be oriented to the west of the science target at a
position angle of 270 degrees.