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LUCIFER User Manual
Issue 1.3
The Telescope Control GUI
This GUI uses a direct service connection to the Telescope Control Server (TCS) interface. An error
when starting the Telescope Service might be caused by a non running interface on the TCS side.
Please inform the LBTO instrument scientist for support. The GUI (Fig. 21) follows the same
philosophy as the Instrument Control GUI, the Commit button sends the new setup to the telescope
Figure 21: The LUCIFER Telescope Control GUI provides all features to set up the telescope.
Pointing On the left side of the GUI the current position of the telescope is shown, including the
rotator, position and parallactic angle. It is updated regularly so the user is able to follow the telescope
Note: When these text fields are empty, it indicates that a connection to the TCS is not working
properly or a subsystem is not running on the TCS side. This can be checked by the Telescope
Offset Telescope This panel is necessary for the acquisition process. The user can choose a position
angle (PA) offset and telescope position offsets. There are three pull down menues available:
• CoordSys
Lets the user choose the valid coordinate system.
1. RADEC Offsets are interpreted as sky coordinate offsets.
2. DETXY Offsets are interpreted as detector coordinate offsets. This option is useful for the
acquisition procedures.