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Issue 1.3
LUCIFER User Manual
• Side
This describes which mirror is in use: Left (LUCIFER1), Right (LUCIFER 2) (not available
• Movetype
Describes the type of offset: relative or absolute.
Underneath these pull down menues buttons in a star pattern for 4 sky orientations are located,
allowing an offset in these direction. The offset value in arcsec has to be typed into the appropriate
text field in the middle of the pattern. Pressing one of the orange orientation buttons will directly
lead to a movement of the telescope. Furthermore x and y offsets in arcsec can be typed into the
bottom text field, divided by a comma to move the telescope directly in two directions. The small
Commit button will also directly lead to a movement of the telescope.
Current Setup Information There are three sub panels describing the current values of the target,
guide star and telescope. The current target and guide star information is stored locally since the
telescope does not provide this. This means that after a new start of the LUCIFER control software
no information will be present.
Setting Up The Telescope To set a new target the user can use the text fields for target and
guide star or a ASCII list which can be loaded via the Load Catalogue button in the Next Target
sub panel.
The Input syntax for RA and DEC has to be in sexagesimal format like
RA 06 09 07.836 and DEC 24 22 32.35 for example. The coordinates have to be in J2000.
The ASCII catalogue for target and guide stars has to be formatted as follows using a pipe (|) as the
For example:
|21 52 25.3835|+02 23 19.556|GS_r14.3_d3.77_pos047.362|21 52 36.538|+02 25 52.21|45|23.00|-302.98
For each target an appropriate guide star has to be defined by the observer. As the telecope SW
does NOT provide automatic guide star selection, the user has to select the guide star(s) in advance.
It is possible to open several catalogues at a time. By clicking on the desired line in the catalogue
and using from the menu Commit->Commit Star sends the selection to the telescope GUI but not
the telescope yet.
After the next target and guide star have been set, additional telescope specific parameters can be
changed. The typical oberving setup is POSITION ACTIVE.
Here the rotator mode can be set.
Here the telescope mode can be set to