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Dalish Elf
Elven warriors and rogues may alternately choose a proud but trying life among the Mahariel clan
of the Dalish elves, preferring to wander the ancient forests in perpetual isolation over letting
humankind corrupt the last of true elven culture. But a chance encounter with a relic of your
people’s past threatens to change those plans.
Dwarf Commoner
Dwarven warriors and rogues may begin among the Brosca family of the “casteless,” the lowest
rung of dwarven society, where subservience to a local crime lord has always seemed like the
surest way to remain alive, at least for one more day.
Dwarf Noble
Dwarven warriors and rogues may alternately choose a life born to the royal family of Orzammar,
House Aeducan, where the natural accompaniment to political power is cutthroat infighting
between relatives.
Background Benefit
H uma n Noble
Starting skill
Combat Training
Da lish Elf
Starting skill
Combat Tactics
Dwa rf
Common er
City Elf
Dwa rf Noble
Combat Training
When you create a new character, you can customize him or her in a variety of ways during the
character-generation process. Other party members you acquire throughout the game cannot be customized.
Your character’s surname depends on the background you chose earlier, but you can set a first name, or keep
the game’s default suggestion. This given name appears in conversation, in your character record, and when
you target the character in-game.
Your character’s race and gender determine his or her body type and basic head shape, but from there, all the
decisions are yours, from the shape and sizes of features to skin color, tattoos, and cosmetics. To design a
unique face quickly, first cycle through the nine presets for your race and gender, then alter individual features
using the more detailed sliders grouped by category.