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The left stick and right stick control character movement and camera movement, respectively. If you have multiple
active party members, you can switch among them by pressing the Q button or the E button or you can select
your whole party at once by pressing the Q button and the E button simultaneously. In the Advanced segment
of the radial menu, you can also order your party members to hold their position instead of following you.
You can interact with any character, creature, or object that displays a name and an icon when you target it (either
by walking up to it or by cycling through all possible targets by pressing the directional buttons). To take a default
action—say, to speak to a friendly character, open a chest or a door, or attack an enemy—select the target and
then press the S button.
More advanced controls, like using a special ability or consuming a health poultice, are controlled through the radial
menu, which appears when you press and hold the W button. The radial menu is organized into related categories
of abilities, items, and party commands, almost any of which can be assigned to a shortcut on the battle menu.
The battle menu is the six icons (in two layers) displayed in the bottom-right corner of the screen. To activate the
primary shortcuts, press the F button, the D button, or the A button. To activate the second layer of shortcuts,
press and hold the R button and then press the F button, the D button, or the A button.
When you select an ability that affects a whole area rather than a single target—either in a cone shape or a
circle shape—the game pauses automatically so that you can select a target area. Depending on the size of the
area affected, the camera may also zoom out to a tactical view so that you can position the target effectively.
The game also pauses when you select an ability that affects your party members instead of your enemies. In
that case, you choose your target from among the characters’ portraits on the left side of the screen.