dragon-age-origins Download

Main Menu
The main menu is mostly self-explanatory. To begin playing, select NEW GAME; to resume your game in the
future, select LOAD GAME; or to load your most recent saved game, select RESUME.
These are the options that might not be as obvious:
Log In
This lets you create a BioWare/EA account (or log in to an existing account) so that you can track your
achievements and character profile at http://social.bioware.com.
Downloadable Content
This displays new content made available after the release of Dragon Age: Origins—both free and for
purchase—and also lets you manage the content you’ve already downloaded.
Character Generation
Before you begin playing Dragon Age: Origins, take a few minutes to build a unique character and learn the
rudiments of the game’s rules system. When you select NEW GAME from the main menu, a short introductory
movie plays. That brings you to the following options on the character generation screen.
Your character’s gender does not affect stats or abilities, but does alter some dialogue
and plots—as well as facial options and body shape, of course.
Your character’s race determines physical size and natural capabilities as well as how they fit into the world of
Dragon Age, where interracial tensions are a fact of life.
Humans are a well-rounded people, which has made them the most numerous
inhabitants of Thedas, and thus the most dominant.
Thousands of years ago, elves ruled the surface of Thedas, but today they live in
mankind’s shadow, whether as an oppressed underclass confined to urban slums or,
in the case of the Dalish tribes, forced to wander the ancient forests forever.