Download Visual SmartBrowser User`s Manual (NT Version)

Chapter 1: VSB Overview
Visual SmartBrowser User’s Manual
– NT version
Hierarchy View. View the design as a tree-like structure of hierarchical blocks.
Connection View. Expand and collapse circuit connections selectively. This
demand-driven approach has several benefits:
Eliminates the need to display the entire schematic, reducing processing time
Clears the designer’s view of unrelated nets and other circuit objects
Shows how the semiconductor vendor (SCV) cells are actually connected
without the need to move up and down through the hierarchy
Examine View. View an instance in detail and edit any timing or state information.
Windows & Monitors tool. Create model command files (MCFs) for windowing
and monitoring internal nets and states during simulation.
& Note
Throughout this manual and the rest of the SmartModel Library
documentation, the term “instance” may mean: 1) the device itself, 2) any of
the hierarchy blocks making up the device, or 3) the vendor’s library cell
(leaf node). The surrounding text determines which usage is intended.
Synopsys, Inc.
February 2001