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Approved on order of the Federal Military Department
Bern, 5.2.58
Chief of Instruction
Preliminary Remarks
The 1958 edition of the regulation of the included rifles introduces the following modifications
from the 1952 edition:
-section 17
: new instructions for cases of malfunction
-sections 33-34
: inspection procedures go into more detail
-sections 38-46
: Scoped Rifle Model 55 is new
-sections 43-44
: Changes pertaining to the new style blank rifle cartridge
-sections 52-59
: More detail to and simplifications of instructions
-Figures 23-30
: Are new
-Appendix I
: The figures in this appendix are new
2. The regulation 53.101 f is issued to
To personnel of the following titles
To Commissioned and Non-Commissioned officers of troops armed with the rifle
To Commissioned Officers of Health Service
To all gunsmiths while they are in basic training
To all members of the Military Police Service
To all officers on field duty
It is not allowed to exchange the 1958 version for the previous version.