Download Yamaha K-31 Technical data

For the scoped rifle, it is important to pay attention to the following points:
Use the weapon with care to avoid impacts, wet and dirty conditions. If the scope gets wet, dry it at room
temperature, not next to a heater on not in its case.
The lenses should be cleaned with a clean lens cloth or a chamois. Sand particles should be removed
preferably beforehand with tweezers.
Metal scope parts should only be lightly oiled. The lenses should never come in contact with grease or
petroleum based oils.
Troops are not authorized to make repairs to the scope.
Damaged scopes should be sent with the rifle to a competent arsenal.
42 Sight adjustment
The weapon should be sighted in without the scope. If this is not the case, it must be adjusted with
the help of a gunsmith per the gunsmith’s regulations. If the average point of impact while
shooting on the bipod, Target A at 300 meters with the elevation set at 3 and windage of 0, in calm
and normal conditions, is outside the black region on the target, the scope must be adjusted.
Scope adjustment will be performed by the soldier to which the weapon was issued or the
Procedure as follows:
While adjusting the elevation and windage knobs during sighting in, the average impact point
should be in the center of the black, with the aim point at “dead center”
Next, the elevation adjustment knob should be firmly held, the screws loosened around one turn
with the provided screwdriver found in the case, The scale on the knob will be set to 3 and the
screws retightened.
To adjust the windage, follow the same procedure, but now the scale on the knob should be placed
at “0”.
Fig. 26
27 Countersunk screws for adjusting elevation
28 Windage knob