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33 (cont) and 34
Disassembly and Assembly of the Magazine
The magazine should only be rarely disassembled. Perform only if the Magazine is very dirty.
Exercise caution when disassembling the Mod. 31 Magazine as it is very easy to break the
magazine spring at the point it is attached to the magazine follower plate so it is important not to
exert pressure at that point.
Magazine Disassembly
Mq. 11
Mq. 31
Remove the magazine plate by rocking it to
the right
Take the Magazine in the left hand with the stop
turned toward the body
Carefully remove the spring
With the left index finger, lightly press the left side
of the magazine plate in such a way to raise the
right side
Grasp the protruding side with the right index finger
and thumb and remove the lateral bulge from the
tabs by rocking the plate lightly along the
longitudinal axis. Grasp the plate by the bulge and
carefully remove it as well as the magazine spring.
(never pull the plate along its longitudinal axis).
10 Magazine Re-assembly
Mq. 11
Mq. 31
Replace the spring in a relaxed position with
the small rectangle formed by the steel wire
placed front to back
Replace the spring and the magazine plate by
inserting the assembly at an angle
Replace the magazine plate in such a way
that the end of the spring engages the small
notch in the plate
Replace the magazine and Inspect and
function test
Replace the magazine vigorously until the magazine
stop engages completely
Inspect and function test