Download Yamaha K-31 Technical data

74, 75
Fig. 31
Blank Rifle
Blank Automatic
Rifle Cartridge
Blank Machine Gun
53 Shooting blank cartridges labeled “Blank Automatic Rifle Cartridge” (with a green wooden
bullet) and “Blank Machine Gun Cartridges” in a rifle is prohibited.
54 On the exterior the special cartridge for the Pz-WG. 44 and Ex-WG. 44 resembles the Blank
Machine Gun cartridge. This cannot be used except with the short rifle for use as the propulsive
charge for antitank grenade. To enable these cartridges to be distinguished from other
ammunition, this cartridge is stamped (with white color); the rearward part of the case is striped.
The magazine that holds these cartridges is stamped as well.
Handling Cartridge
(Fig. 31)
55 The handling cartridge resembles in shape, the ball cartridge. It does not have a powder charge or
primer. It can be handled without risk.
These cartridges are used to practice loading and unloading, as well as to demonstrate bolt
To distinguish these cartridges, two black rings are machined into the case. Fabrication, by troops
of handling cartridges from blank cartridges (such as machine gun blanks) is prohibited.