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VII. Scoped Rifles
Scoped rifles 1931/42 and 1931/43
1. Overview
35 There are two Model 31 Scoped rifles:
Model 31/42, scope power 1.8X
Model 31/43, scope power 2.8X
The scope is set offset in the model 31 rifle. Because of this the regular iron sights can be used as
well as the scope.
The nomenclature of the different parts of the scoped rifle is outlined in fig. 19 and 20. The scope
reticle is shown in fig.21.
2. Maintenance
36 Maintenance of the scoped rifle itself is performed per the instructions provided for the regular
issue rifle. Perform scope maintenance per the following instructions:
-Handle carefully: protect the scope from impacts.
-Keep the scope clean and dry: if the scope gets wet, dry it out of the weather but not next to a
heat source.
-Clean the eyepiece lens with a soft cloth or with a chamois, after removing any sand grains with
-Oil only the metal parts lightly; in no circumstance use grease or gasoline.
-Scope adjustment (aimpoint adjustment) cannot be performed by anyone except a gunsmith.
The adjustment key is found in the cp. fus. & car. gunsmiths kit.
-No scope repair can be performed by troops in the field. Scoped rifles that need repair must be
returned to the issuing arsenal.
3. Handling
37 At all ranges the scope sees a ‘full view’. It is necessary therefore to move the crosshairs to the
center of the target.
If the distance between the view point and the impact point is more than 1 0/00 , that is represented
in target A, an impact point outside the visual field, the scope should be adjusted by a gunsmith.
For firing, it is necessary to raise the objective and place the elevation range on the sight leaf of
the scope.