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Board Level Hardware Description
Functional Description
This section contains a functional description of the major blocks on the
MVME162 Embedded Controller.
Front Panel Switches and Indicators
There are switches and LEDs on the front panel of the MVME162. The switches
are RESET and ABORT. The RESET switch resets all onboard devices and
drives SYSRESET* if the board is system controller. The RESET switch may be
disabled by software.
When enabled by software, the ABORT switch generates an interrupt at a userprogrammable level. It is normally used to abort program execution and
return to the debugger.
There are eight LEDs on the MVME162 front panel: FAIL, STAT, RUN, SCON,
LAN, FUSE (LAN power), SCSI, and VME.
The red FAIL LED (part of DS1) lights when the BRDFAIL signal line is active.
The MC68040 status lines are decoded, on the MVME162, to drive the yellow
STAT (status) LED (part of DS1). In this case, a halt condition from the
processor lights the LED.
The green RUN LED (part of DS2) lights when the local bus TIP* signal line is
low. This indicates one of the local bus masters is executing a local bus cycle.
The green SCON LED (part of DS2) lights when the VMEchip2 is the VMEbus
system controller.
The green LAN LED (part of DS3) lights when the LAN chip is local bus
The MVME162 supplies +12Vdc power to the Ethernet transceiver interface
through a fuse. The green FUSE (LAN power) LED (part of DS3) lights when
power is available to the transceiver interface.
The green SCSI LED (part of DS4) lights when the SCSI chip is local bus master.
The green VME LED (part of DS4) lights when the board is using the VMEbus
(VMEbus AS* is asserted by the VMEchip2) or when the board is accessed by
the VMEbus (VMEchip2 is the local bus master).
MVME162 Embedded Controller Installation Guide