Download Motorola MVME712AM Installation guide

Board Level Hardware Description
The VMEbus interface is provided by an ASIC called the VMEchip2. The
VMEchip2 includes two tick timers, a watchdog timer, programmable map
decoders for the master and slave interfaces, and a VMEbus to/from local bus
DMA controller, a VMEbus to/from local bus non-DMA programmed access
interface, a VMEbus interrupter, a VMEbus system controller, a VMEbus
interrupt handler, and a VMEbus requester.
Processor-to-VMEbus transfers can be D8, D16, or D32. VMEchip2 DMA
transfers to the VMEbus, however, can be D16, D32, D16/BLT, D32/BLT, or
The MCchip ASIC provides four tick timers, the interface to the LAN chip,
SCSI chip, serial port chip, BBRAM, and the programmable interface for the
parity-protected DRAM and/or SRAM mezzanine board.
The IndustryPack Interface Controller (IPIC) ASIC provides control and status
information for up to four single size IndustryPacks (IPs) or up to two double
size IPs that can be plugged into the MVME162 main module.
Related Documentation
The MVME162 does not ship with all of the documentation that is available for
the product. The MVME162 instead ships with a start-up installation guide
(the document you are presently reading) that includes all the information
necessary to begin working with these products: installation instructions,
jumper configuration information, memory maps, debugger/monitor
commands, and any other information needed for start-up of the board. The
installation guide is MVME162IG/D for the MVME162.
The following publications are applicable to the MVME162 and may provide
additional helpful information. They may be purchased by contacting your
local Motorola sales office. Non-Motorola documents may be purchased from
the sources listed.
Publication Number
Document Title
MVME162 Embedded Controller User’s Manual
MVME162 Embedded Controller Support Information
MVME162Bug Debugging Package User’s Manual
Debugging Package for Motorola 68K CISC CPUs User’s
MVME162 Embedded Controller Installation Guide