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Using the 162Bug Debugger
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In commands with RANGE specified as ADDR DEL ADDR,
and with size option W or L chosen, data at the second
(ending) address is acted on only if the second address is a
proper boundary for a word or longword, respectively.
Offset Registers
Eight pseudo-registers (R0 through R7) called offset registers are used to
simplify the debugging of relocatable and position-independent modules. The
listing files in these types of programs usually start at an address (normally 0)
that is not the one at which they are loaded, so it is harder to correlate
addresses in the listing with addresses in the loaded program. The offset
registers solve this problem by taking into account this difference and forcing
the display of addresses in a relative address+offset format. Offset registers
have adjustable ranges and may even have overlapping ranges. The range for
each offset register is set by two addresses: base and top. Specifying the base
and top addresses for an offset register sets its range. In the event that an
address falls in two or more offset registers’ ranges, the one that yields the least
offset is chosen.
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Relative addresses are limited to 1MB (5 digits), regardless
of the range of the closest offset register.
MVME162 Embedded Controller Installation Guide