Download Motorola MVME712AM Installation guide

This chapter provides unpacking instructions, hardware preparation, and
installation instructions for the MVME162 Embedded Controller. Hardware
preparation for the MVME712 series transition modules is provided in
separate manuals. Refer to the Related Documentation section in Chapter 1.
Unpacking Instructions
N ote
If the shipping carton is damaged upon receipt, request
carrier’s agent be present during unpacking and inspection
of equipment.
Unpack equipment from shipping carton. Refer to packing list and verify that
all items are present. Save packing material for storing and reshipping of
C aution
Avoid touching areas of integrated circuitry; static discharge
can damage circuits.
Hardware Preparation
To select the desired configuration and ensure proper operation of MVME162,
certain option modifications may be necessary before installation. MVME162
provides software control for most of these options. Some options can not be
performed in software, so are performed by installing or removing header
jumpers or interface modules. Most other modifications are performed by
setting bits in control registers after MVME162 has been installed in a system.
(For more information on the MVME162 registers refer to the MVME162
Embedded Controller Programmer’s Reference Guide listed in Related
Documentation in Chapter 1.)
The locations of the switches, jumper headers, connectors, and LEDs on the
MVME162 are illustrated in Figure 2-1. MVME162 has been factory tested and
is shipped with the factory jumper settings described in the following sections.